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Where do your rent payments go

Your rent payments are used in the following ways:

  • To pay for repairs and maintenance (those which are the landlord's responsibility)
  • To pay for buildings insurance
  • To repay money borrowed by Citta Housing to build or modernise your home or to build new housing
  • To manage your housing service



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Rent Review

How is my rent reviewed?

Every February, we'll send you a notice setting your rent for the forthcoming financial year (April to April).

In reviewing rents, we look at typical local incomes, the cost of maintaining homes, what we need to invest in improving homes and services, as well as comparing our rents to those of social housing providers.

We also factor in Government and National Housing Federation guidance.


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Service charges

What is a service charge?

Service charges cover the cost of any extra services we provide where you live. Not everyone pays a service charge so we will make it clear at the start of your occupancy if you need to pay for any extra services in addition to your normal weekly rent or accommodation charge. The cost is shared between everyone who receives these services.  Service charges are covered under the terms of your agreement. They will vary depending on the number of different services you receive.

How are service charges set?

Each year we set the service charges based on our best estimate of the costs. The costs are usually based on the current contractual amount or previous years actual costs.

How are my service charges apportioned between my neighbours and me?

The cost for providing services is normally shared out equally between all the properties in the block.

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What are maintenance charges?

These are for items in communal areas that need regular maintenance, such as fire doors, door entry systems and CCTV.



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