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Wellbeing at the centre

Here at Citta Housing, we aim to guarantee a quality home to live in for all of our tenants, with the freedom to keep pets, improve the property, or accepting overnight guests being a viable option in most instances with our permission.

Below is a link to all our policies for supported living which are adhered to when you are a Citta Housing tenant. They detail what we can guarantee and a summary of our supported housing services.

Pet Policy  Home Improvement

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Pet Policy

Citta Housing recognises the benefits to tenants of keeping pets. Generally, Citta Housing will allow its tenants to keep pets where the property type is suitable, the Tenancy Agreement is complied with and the pet's welfare will be assured. All applications will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

Tenants will need to obtain the permission of Citta Housing to keep any animal considered a pet in their home. Usually, if the tenant has their own entrance, we will allow the tenant to have up to one domestic pet. If it is a shared entrance or stairway, tenants will not be granted permission to keep any pets unless authorisation from a director of Citta Housing is granted.  Please download and read the policy.  After the completing the pet request form email this to info@cittahousing.co.uk

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Improving Your Home

We have a list of policies for supported living relating to home improvements, and as long as the proposed improvements are in line with these, it is usually viable. However, we wouldn't normally grant permission for improvements to your home where there are any other issues with your tenancy that we might need to take into account, such as serious anti-social behaviour.

Home Improvement Policy  Home Improvement Request Form


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What sort of improvements can you make to your home?

This depends on your tenancy, so please read your tenancy agreement, or contact us to check using the form below.

Even if you just want to make a small improvement to your home, we need to make sure there are no legal or technical reasons why it can't be made, and that none of your neighbours will be affected by the work.

For example, something as simple as swapping your carpet to hardwood floors could create a noise problem for your neighbours. We'll also check whether the work might cause any safety concern or impact the structure of the building.

If you'd like to make a change that involves electrics or plumbing (for example, installing an electric shower) you'll need to use a certified contractor once we have given you permission to make the improvement.

Remember to always ask our permission before making any changes to your home, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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Overnight Guest

Before applying for permission to invite an overnight guest you should consider the full implications of this especially with regards to how it may affect Housing Benefit or the housing element of Universal Credit.

You should also consider that your tenancy with us will remain, this means you will still be responsible for all its conditions including using the property as your only or principal home, and any breaches which may have been caused by your overnight guest, such as antisocial behaviour or damage to the property.

An overnight guest will only be permitted with prior arrangement.  You can request to host a guest by completing an overnight guest request form below.  You must submit your request 24 hours prior to your guest staying. 

Your guest will not be allowed to stay prior to consent being granted as your tenancy is for sole occupancy unless otherwise stated in your tenancy. Citta Housing reserves the right to reject a request if there are concerns which could put yourself or other residents at risk.  

Overnight Guest Request Form

You must provide the following details of the intended guest:

  • Guests full name
  • Guests address
  • Details of your accommodation 
  • Duration of stay (1- 3 nights)
  • Date of stay
  • Photo of your guests identification

Permission will not be unreasonably withheld, provided that:

Property is not over occupied and a Tenancy Agreement is not given to the guest for any part of the property.



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